8 am final tomorrow. woooooo!!!!

someone save me :’(

How I feel about the NBA finals this year…..lol

How I feel about the NBA finals this year…..lol

i have a final in a few hours and I dont even know how to study for it. Im so tired and dead. I havent slept all week, Im already exhausted and I never even went to this class cause its just a GE & I dont like it. fuuuh when am I ever gonna change that about me :/

  • me: Omg this time Im serious I need to get it together & go hard on this study session, Im gonna get an A on this final, Im so detemined, Im even gonna "treat" myself to starbucks cause Im studying so hard!
  • One minute later...
  • Opens Tumblr..
  • An hour later...
  • Me: Uhm I think I can settle for a C+?
  • ahh someone help me I have no motivation I just want to sleep. Can I just wing my finals tho? lol >.<

reblogging my feels before I have a mental breakdown and start crying over all the shit thats expected of me this week….

Im going to fail my final. :(((((((((((((

im tired. I dont want to study anymore. Fuck this going to work at day & studying at night shit.


Honestly, Im so exhausted & drained from work the last thing I want to do is study right now. But I got no choice, I work most of this week & all nighters are pretty much necessary.sighhhhhh.  Maybe I’ll order some food to reward myself..and feel better about life talk about stress eater! >.<

I just got done with my finall!!!!!!!!!! :D

And I feel so happy & free like if I didnt have 3 more finals to go. yayyyy. And Im donneeeeeee…..

…*only for the day. >.< And im also a mixture of delusional and cracked out on coffee cause i only slept 4 hours last night. woo ^.^

Why is the internet so exciting when youre trying to study…shit even Facebook is captivating! >.<

i feel like im on drugs… O.o